Simple. Accessible. Unconventional.

Why did we start discandooo?
Building upon a combined experience of 18 years in ecommerce startups and online grocery retail, we had decided we wanted to start our own company. While analyzing different models that we had seen work and fail around the world, the thing that most surprised us was the incredible product, price and quality variation in the European FMCG market (fast moving consumer goods). What we found was far from the concept of the “single market”, which is what the EU set out to be more than 23 years ago…

Why is discandooo making the world a better place?

Save time and money on the things you HAVE to buy, so that you can spend it on the things you WANT to buy!

Our vision is to become THE destination for everyday groceries and household staples in Europe, by offering you the best possible value for money on a selected range of popular brands. We envision you buying your fresh goods locally and supporting your community, while saving on all your basic needs with us.

We’re rethinking the inefficient supply chain (flow of goods from production to end consumer) for consumer goods in Europe. By cutting out middle men, curating the “best of” consumer goods across different markets, centralizing operations and reducing product variations by means of curation, we don’t only manage to offer you great prices, but also reduce food waste.

Some (not so) fun facts to get you thinking:

  • Did you know that something as simple as Finish Dishwasher Tabs exit in 17 different sizes/product variations in Europe?
  • Did you know that producers market the same product (e.g. laundry detergent, toothpaste, deodorant ...) under different names (and marketing messages) in different countries?
  • Did you know that Schweppes Tonic costs up to 60% more in Sweden, compared to Germany? And did you know that more than 50% of all websites in Europe use IP blocking to prevent people from other countries to view/access their prices and offers?
  • Did you know that Nutella has 10% less Hazelnuts in Hungary, compared to its Italian equivalent?
  • Did you know that this endless variation and complexity in the consumer goods segment leads to an incredible amount of “overstocks” (items with minor visual imperfections, leftovers of special editions, close to expiry lots or miss forecasts from various trading companies etc), amounting to€ worth of stock throughout Europe on any given day (most of it is still thrown away).

At discandooo, we don't overwhelm you with choice, distill what we have on offer down to the “best of” consumer goods across all markets and offer you one platform and one price across all of Europe.


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